1. An artificial Christmas tree can be purchased once and for many years. It saves your time and money, reduces pre-holiday worries and adds a lot of free time for the rest.
  2. Outdoor Christmas trees are very easy to install. It takes from 1 to 5 working days to install such Christmas trees.
  3. You can choose a Christmas tree from 4 to 120 meters height, which would suit perfectly for your planned place (area). The height and the specifications are clearly indicated.
  4. The stand – is a foundation of a Christmas tree. PE “Yalynka Ukraine” has developed stable “crosses” in such a way that they do not need to be dug-in, fastened with ropes, put on stretch marks, etc. Thanks to this, the stand is invisible, and the landscape is the same as before installation – it means that it does not change.
  5. Christmas trees of PE “Yalynka Ukraine” are made on a solid basis and technically thought-out frame. According to this, the frame of a fur tree is so stable that it can withstand wind gusts in 4-5 wind zones, snow, frost or rain – will not spoil your Christmas holidays. This is confirmed by the technical documentation for wind and snow loads.
  6. The main feature of our outdoor artificial Christmas trees is that they do not burn but melt, the needles are frost-resistant and under the influence of sunlight its color does not change, due to high quality material of foreign manufacturer – PVC film and PVC wire.
  7. Your artificial Christmas tree will be easy to decorate, the needles are soft and do not prick. Branches are made of durable wire frame, so under the weight of toys and twinkle lights they will not sag, preserving the original shape.

In 2010, in order to study the influence of the environment on the product, on the territory of the enterprise were assembled 4 Christmas trees of different construction (stem and frame), different types of branches (wire and film), various manufacturers of raw material for artificial needles.

The cone frame proved itself as the most reliable option for outdoor Christmas trees.

These Christmas trees stood without being disassembled for more than 24 months, which is equal to 8-10 seasons. As the tests showed, all the trees were able to withstand wind and snow loads (about 80 square meters of roof were destroyed by wind at the neighboring buildings).

As a result of studying the influence of the sun and low temperatures on the needles, the enterprise refused to cooperate with a number of manufacturers of wire and PVC films, having chosen Italian manufacturers, the companies “MOPS” and “PLASTIKFIBRE”.