After installation and festive decoration of a Christmas tree it is important to think about the safety of the Christmas tree decoration itself – it’s toys, twinkle lights, tinsel, etc. After all, on a New Year, everyone wants to get closer to the main beauty – to take a picture, have fun. But sometimes it happens that from the Christmas tree guests do not go empty-handed: they reach out to branches or toys and take them as souvenirs about the central Christmas tree.
In order to protect the outdoor Christmas tree and people around it, we offer a simple, beautiful and practical solution – decorative fences. They will help to limit access to the Christmas tree and cover the bottom of it, where hidden devices for lighting and loading the fir-trees will be hidden.
The panels are made of metal frame and plastic (PVC) on which we put film with various drawings and ornaments. We use in-color printing, the design of which you can think of yourself, or choose from already existing options. On boards can be placed greetings for city residents or employees as well.

The advantages of decorative fences are in the ease of installing the panels themselves, and possibility to do everything on your own, without the help of specialists. Also for customers who want to make a Christmas tree and everything around brighter, we offer the novelty of the season – a LED fence, where the key drawings are highlighted with LED lights. Thus, the protective fence will not only protect, but also brightly decorate an artificial Christmas tree.

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