Christmas holidays are always associated with Christmas tree. But what about the odor of mandarins, sound of crackers, Bengal lights. Without these symbols we can’t imagine a single Christmas.

So what to choose, artificial or real tree? In the modern world, most people, firms, companies or city councils choose the artificial Christmas tree.

An artificial Christmas tree – it’s a:

  • Christmas beauty that pleases guests of the holiday and a good investment of your money.
  • By buying an artificial Christmas tree you can also save money. Real Christmas trees are significantly different in price as to compare with their analogues. The cheapest Christmas trees are imported from China, Thailand and domestic producers are second in a range, and the most expensive Christmas trees are made in Germany and Italy.
  • The best way to save forests of our planet
  • Also, a big advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that their branches do not shatter, which saves your time and nerves, they are always green and have fresh look, even if it will stand until summer.

Artificial Christmas trees are made of high quality materials and are environmentally friendly. Safe for children and non-flammable. The construction of a Christmas tree is very easy to assemble and it will not cause any questions, like what and where to insert. It has strong branches, which do not bend over the weight of toys. So such trees are simply disassembled and stored, placed in a box or a special bag.

Create a Christmas beauty with your own hands.

How is it possible? Improve the Christmas tree so that it would be impossible to avert one’s gaze from it. Are not afraid of experiments, aren’t you? Then this is the way for you. The leading international designers said that the following season, the trend will be golden and red colors. To make your Christmas tree the best and fashionable, choose toys, necklaces, and twinkle lights of such shades. The original accent in decorating your Christmas tree can be family photos or those of pets. Another interesting decoration on the Christmas tree may be cones, or even dried leaves, as well as candies and lollypops.

It is better to decorate a Christmas tree in the same style: traditionally, or unusually and incredibly, from everything that falls under your arms and fantasy. If you have a perfect taste, you can combine these two styles and the result will be unsurpassed. Good luck with the flight of your fantasies!

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