For about two thousand years there is a tradition of decorating a Christmas tree. It seems that there can’t be anything new – but no. Designers all over the world are working on this issue throughout the year, in order to make the result just awesome.



Short history


Everyone has its own opinion regarding textbook “Window to the West” and Peter I. Some argue that the introduction of some other traditions in Russia negatively affects people and creates unnecessary internal disturbances and indignation, others – that Russians would not have thought to many of the European traditions. One way or another, if Peter I had no inclination to Europe and Europeanization, there would not be none of the most important and beautiful traditions of the New Year – decoration and setting of a Christmas tree. In 1699, at his direction, people began to decorate their homes with branches of fur trees or pine trees. But this tradition was forgotten for almost 100 years after the death of Peter I.

Under the rule of Catherine II and Elizabeth, lush Christmas trees were uncommon. And only on Vasilivsky Island New Year was celebrated with a Christmas tree by the German settlement. Neither Pushkin nor Gogol celebrated this grand holiday with a Christmas tree. Since 1852, the first Christmas tree was installed in St. Petersburg. But, again, after the October revolution it was not allowed to decorate a Christmas tree, because it was a symbol of Christmas, a religious holiday. It was until 1935.

The founders of Christmas tree were shepherds who lived in Germany. And also many thanks to the princesses of Germany, who married Europeans and brought this unique tradition to other parts of Europe. The first Christmas tree in England was decorated and installed by order of the German princess at the end of the XVIII century. Later, one of her family brought this tradition to France.

First Christmas tree decorations


Christmas decoration used to be nothing like we have them now, they were more “natural” and each of them symbolized something. So, decorations could be following: nuts – as a symbol of incomprehensibility a disposition of Providence, eggs – symbol of well-being and harmony in the family, apples – as symbol of fertility and so on. The decoration itself was also very important, not one way or the other, but due to some principals.

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