New Year is coming, and this is a holiday both adults and children are looking for. So far the main attribute of such holiday is a Christmas tree. And it is the time when poachers or those who want to earn good money, start their activity. As all families traditionally decorate Christmas trees, no matter how big or small they are, we always see them in our homes. But did anyone ever thought about how much it would hurt our nature? We cut down or buy big real trees, but the small ones that have remained unfortunately will not grow so quickly (in a year, until the next celebration). And what about our planet?

Any tree, like a huge factory, produces from the water, leaves and air – the oxygen we inhale. This so-called factory doesn’t need any materials, labor, machines, electricity or something like that, only the sun, carbon dioxide and water.

Being in the forest you breathe in the air, which contains 300 times less bacteria than air in the city. Needle leaf trees are continuously secreting into the air a large number of phytoncides – these are substances that neutralize many pathogenic bacteria. That is why hospitals, sanatoriums and similar establishments for people with respiratory diseases are built in needle leaf forests. As these forests enrich the air with oxygen, they are called “lungs of the planet”.

Needle leaves are very rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Dips of coniferous plants are widely used in medicine for treatment of wounds and burns.

The dips of fur tree are especially valuable, as is contains camphor substance. It greatly enhances the effect of heart muscle, and is therefore widely used in treatment of heart disease. Camphor is also used in anesthetics. Essential oils obtained from thus are often used for production of perfumes, as well as in the chemical industry.

It is good that needle leaf trees are widely used, but this leads to massive deforestation. So you need to think about how to use them effectively and prevent destruction of these forest beauties. We recommend you to think about how to celebrate New Year and Christmas holidays using only a few branches of fur trees. Moreover, in European countries, artificial trees are much cheaper than real trees, because it takes a lot of time to grow a real tree. Christmas tree is not the main thing of the holiday. You may think of many things that are made only from the branches and combine them with Christmas toys and ornaments, just use your imagination. Such items can be put on the doors, shelves, chests of drawers, railing and even on the entry door. Such items are based on beautifully curved branches of needle leaf trees. You can use different natural materials – pieces of bark, mushrooms, nuts, flowers, fruits, Christmas decorations, candles and many others.

The main goal will be to show guests that you can do well without cutting trees. If you have your own house, you can grow a fur tree in the yard. Or now it’s very common to grow plants in pots, which is very practical, as they can be moved in the yard wherever you may want to see them.

We think the conclusion will be obvious: we need to take care of our planet and ourselves; therefore we shall plant needle leaf trees and not cut them down.

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