Today online stores offer a large range of artificial outdoor Christmas trees, which look much like real ones. Considering that you choose an artificial Christmas tree for at least 6-7 years, it is necessary to pay attention to its color and aroma (so that there were no toxic odors) as you should use it for many years.



What a Christmas tree should be like?

  1. If you have used to hanging a large number of decorations on a Christmas tree, twinkle lights or tinsel then it is not necessary that the tree was lush, it will have a chic look anyway
  2. You also need to pay attention to the height and width of the Christmas tree, because the look of your room or area directly depends on it. A too small Christmas tree will have an incomplete look even with decorations on it. But correctly chosen height of tree will complement and certainly make you Christmas holidays beautiful.
  3. Usually, artificial Christmas trees of Chinese production do not satisfy us with their quality. Such Christmas trees can be determined by a specific odor, which will spoil the whole festive atmosphere easily. But domestic products have their own disadvantages, some of them use coarse wire, which comes out of the pin and unprocessed ends, which can cut a hand easily.
  4. The best choice for you will be Christmas trees of “Yalynka Ukraine” Company, which has proven its quality and stability in the world. Production takes place in Ukraine, our employees take care of their compatriots and offer them fantastic fairy holidays. Pine needles or fir needles tree will not rumple during transportation and storage, because they are made of high-quality material of the Italian company. They don’t evolve toxic odors; needles do not fall off the branches and is distinguished from all others by its elegance and beauty. All branches are chopped at the ends in order to avoid possible injuries.

If you want to know more about production of artificial Christmas trees, we will be happy to tell you more. There are several main types of Christmas trees – these cast-finned Christmas trees made of veins and Christmas trees made of the film. The branches are easily straightened and folded, depending on their placement (on hinges or hooks). First of all, in order to make Christmas tree stable, it is important to choose a correct stand. If you like to put a lot of decorations on a Christmas tree, then you need to choose a tree on a metal footing, to ensure stability, considering that plastic has limited load limits. Therefore, each client wants to purchase an attractive Christmas tree of high quality.

When choosing a fir-tree with soft or hard needles, pay attention to their condition. In any case, needles on the branches shall not rumple after you squeeze them in your hands. To estimate the quality of an artificial tree, it will be enough to bend a few branches. If they can be folded easily, without extra strain, then you have made the right choice and selected a high-quality product.

These trees are priced depending on the complexity of production. A fir-needle Christmas tree will cost a little cheaper, because for its production is used film (PVC) and it takes less material, unlike pine needles – for which veneer (PVC) is used and a brown film along the trunk, to make it look like a real tree.

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