zhivaja_ili_iskustvWith approaching of Christmas holidays, most Ukrainian families are likely to discuss one of the most important issues – what Christmas tree to choose this year, real or artificial. One of the options is to buy a real tree or pine on the Christmas market, the other is to decorate the building with pine garlands, buy or pull out an artificial Christmas tree from the storage room.


However, immediately arises the following question. Does it worth to cut a tree for fun that will take a few days? I think – no! Did you know, that it takes more than 3 years to grow one Christmas tree of at least 1 meter.

Pine trees clean our planet and provide much more oxygen than any other tree. Therefore, we recommend you to consider our tips and make your choice in favor of artificial Christmas trees.

Once there was a Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees attract us by the fact that they are real and always unique. Each of them is traditionally unique, shimmering with different shades of colors. And this means that there will be no duplication of the last year’s Christmas tree, something new every year.

Of course, with the smell of real, freshly cut Christmas trees will not match the best aerosols. When you feel this smell, you will immediately return to your childhood, your home. The smell of forest in the house, feeling of incredible joy in anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays, mountain of gifts under the Christmas tree – all this makes us happy and unites us.

So, what does the market has to offer?

  • Fir-tree is a needle leaf tree with small needles on twigs and original colors of all shades of green. Create a bright accent in any room for the New Year and Christmas holidays.
  • Pine – is a carrier of long needles, due to what it looks lush and rich. It preserves its look a lot longer and has stronger smell. But it has more resin, unlike fir trees, so you need to be careful not to anoint everything around.

Branches of the real trees are strong and flexible, and this is a plus – they are difficult to wreck. It means that the Christmas tree will bring you joy for a few weeks.

Factory-made Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees.

Advantages of artificial Christmas tree:

  • Artificial Christmas tree differs from the real one by the fact that it can be purchased once and for many years. It will serve for a long time, and owners will not need to watch how the festive tree fades and then goes to the trash.
  • Branches of an artificial Christmas tree do not shatter, thus they do not cause you unnecessary harm and save time, unlike the real tree, for which it is necessary to clean up the mess and look for needles in the mat and corners of the room all year long.
  • By choosing an artificial Christmas tree, you can forget about the problem of choosing a New Year’s beauty for many years. Convenient in storage, it does not require constant care. After the holidays, lay a Christmas tree in a cozy place, and it will wait peacefully till the next New Year.
  • It takes many years for the tree start to losing its looks. During this time, you are getting used to it, and it becomes more than just a holiday tree, but also a family relic.
  • Of course, artificial Christmas tree will not give you such a unique aroma of the forest, as a real one. But if you live with a person with an allergy – this is the first reason to choose an artificial tree. We even recommend you to pay attention to the smell before buying such a Christmas tree. A lot of producers use not high-quality needle-film, pin-vein that release chemical odor, which may not fade for a long time.
  • But the main thing is – don’t you feel sorry for this tree, which, although it is grown for festive cuttings, but grows very long – over 6 years. And after a few weeks of celebrations, we still throw it out.


Options for celebrating genuine Christmas holidays without harm to the environment and with the smell of real pine.

One of the options of non-standard Christmas celebration are the Carpathians. If you have such opportunity, you can go to one of many recreational bases of Carpathians and celebrate the New Year there. Or go to a country house in the nature. Here you will feel a true spirit of Christmas and aromas of fresh forest in nature.

  • Usually in Europe all real Christmas trees are more expensive in price than artificial. Because the real tree needs a lot of expenses, hard work and time to grow.
  • If you live in a private house, the best solution is to plant a real tree in the yard, which can see not only you, but also casual passersby.
  • There is a new service on the market of real Christmas trees – Christmas trees in pots. This is very convenient as the tree does not die, it does not need to be thrown into the garbage dump, and in the summer it can be planted in the ground, or if desired, simply moved to different parts of the yard, to change design of the landscape.
  • Another good option that allows you not to cut a tree are the pine garlands. They are made from the branches of pine needles or pine, fill the whole house with an aroma and add festivity no less than a real Christmas tree.

To find out how many years the tree grew before getting into your home, you only need to count the number of rings in a truncated trunk and add one.


Decorating a fir tree for Christmas – who started this tradition?


It was in Saxony (now the land of the Federal Republic of Germany) that the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree was celebrated on New Year’s and Christmas holidays. But in those days, the trees were suspended to the ceiling and decorated with garlands, candles, cookies, and apples. Today, the “upside down” trees tradition gains its popularity.

But here in our Ukrainian our ancestors’ tradition that accompanied Christmas was Didukh. It was a bundle of wheat stalks or rye decorated with ribbons of different colors – it was a symbol of ancestral grandfathers. It is said, that nobody visited people who did not make a Didukh on Christmas holidays so such people did not receive mercy of their ancestors, and this at that time was very important for the well-being of the family. In the evening of the Supper, the head of the family carried Didukh and put it into the corner of the room where it was to stand until January 19th, the Baptism of the Lord.

And in Ukraine, a Christmas tree as a symbol of the New Year holidays, came in the early twentieth century. Therefore, from that time until today Ukrainians decorate this green tree on the Christmas holidays.


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