Before Christmas and New Year people in the whole world traditionally buy the biggest amount of Christmas tree decorations. Everyone tries to decorate a Christmas tree the best way and choose incredibly beautiful toys. This tradition is a very exciting tradition for children and they will be incredibly pleased if you allow them to choose their own toys. In this case, they feel important and mature. For them, appearance of a Christmas tree decorated with their own hands – this is an incredible event itself.

But not all toys you can see on the shelves in stores are safe. At first sight innocent box with ornaments can cause allergies in children.

In spite of the obligatory quality requirements and labeling on the packaging, within our country get a lot of contraband decorations. Most imported goods are delivered from China, both legally and illegally. Smugglers want to make a lot of money and don’t care about children’s health. There have been cases when children had damaged mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, or even disease or rashes. Despite the fact that all children’s products must be certified, some carriers manage to skip this procedure, causing your children to suffer.

According to the studies, more than 80% of non-certified products contain prohibited toxic substances. This, after getting into the body of a child, causes an allergic reaction or poisoning. And as you know, children always like to take everything into their hands, touch, and lick or taste things. Many of the Christmas tree decorations are not well-made, therefore, as a result of damage to the toy, when it fell or for other reasons, children may also get injured. We strongly recommend, before choosing any decoration for a Christmas tree, be sure to check certification of the products. This will save your children from health problems and keep you from unnecessary problems.

List of some substances that can be found in toys of poor quality

  • Formaldehyde chemical – affects the nervous system, causes allergies, dermatitis, sneezing and coughing.
  • If phenol is inhaled, it affects mucous membrane, which causes dizziness, nausea, palpitations, runny nose, and headache. It affects nervous system, is absorbed through the skin.
  • If you have noticed that your children become sleepy or irritated, this may be the effect of toluene, which also affects mucous membranes.
  • When evaporates xylol of high concentration, it has an effect of the drug, causes dermatitis, affects the nervous system, and also irritates mucous membrane of the eyes.
  • Even in small doses lead may cause allergies and reduce intellectual level of children.
  • Production of toys for children, including toys of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is no longer practiced in the countries of Europe and the United States. At the same time China, Thailand and Korea it is still used thanks to its cheapness. According to studies, 40% of the toxins contained in this material lead to cancer and negatively affect hormonal exchange.

Consequently, it does not take much to cause a violation in the state of child’s health. We recommend that you carefully and carefully pick toys for your children.

By choosing certified goods – you save health..


All toys for children under 14 years are subject to obligatory certification in Ukraine, according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 8, 2008 No. 901 “On Approval of Technical Rules for Safety of Toys”.

When it comes to goods for children, extremely important are the Technical Regulations. To confirm compliance with safety requirements, technical regulations independent evaluation of the products is used in the whole world. Defined characteristics of products and related methods or production processes are specified in the Technical Regulations – the Law of Ukraine or regulatory act, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Declaration is a document issued on the basis of a decision taken after carrying out appropriate assessment procedures that have proved fulfillment of established requirements. All different kinds of toys are studied with respect to 80 criteria. Some of them are toxic substances i.e. their presence, safety of raw materials, components and materials, stability of decorative coating, fire safety and many others. In addition to all other certificates, all goods for children shall have a decision of sanitary-epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, according to the SSan PIN “State Sanitary Rules and Safety Standards for Toys and Games for Children’s Health”.

In 2011 by specialists of the State Enterprise Poltava Standardology were issued only 8 declarations on the requirements of standards for children’s products. In Ukraine, only a few manufacturers of plastic products, including toys, are obliged to declare their products, while imported products may be not checked. Very rarely one can see in stores declared or certified imported toys. The State Consumer Protection Inspectorate has to check the quality of toys, but it is not provided with appropriate laboratory.

In such a case, for a trader with several sales points is better and more profitable to pay a few hryvnias fine than to order a quality research. Products purchased in China, as you know, do not require a lot of money to purchase, so they can put a premium on price, so the goods will cost more than domestic ones. It would be desirable that in the near future this situation in the country has changed, we will hope for that.

Tips for choosing toys of high quality, several criteria:

  • Toys should not have any odor at all. The stronger is an odor, the bigger are emissions of toxic substances.
  • Toys covered with varnish or paint are not recommended. Because almost all of the paints are toxic and may melt away, with time it may fall into the mouth or hands of the baby.
  • Do not buy very loud toys too. The rattle should not muffle the baby. It should sound tender as it may cause hearing or speech problems for your child. Cracks, gaps, glue tracks also do not have to be present on such toys. Maximum of strength and stability – that’s what matters. And there should be no paper stickers on the rattles.
  • Details on toys made of soft fabric have to be sewn, and on other toys firmly attached. Toys with small details in general are not allowed for children younger than 3 years old.
  • Of course, the toy of your child must be made of washable material.
  • If you can choose between domestic and foreign producers, choose the first ones.

It is in your best interests to request compliance certificates that can only be obtained after laboratory studies. Pay attention to the expiration date of the document. You can also check item numbers, listed on the packaging or toy with the certificate (and more specifically its application), where they shall be indicated as well. Usually this procedure takes away our precious time, but you will be sure of the purchase.

When buying toys in specialized stores, there is a greater probability that products are certified, but more expensive. Marking, as one of the main characteristics, in the form of a state standard, should not be washed away and has to be read easily. And the label of product shall indicate:

  • Trademark of representative or manufacturer
  • Address and name of manufacturer
  • A child’s face with indication of the age group in the circle is a designation of age by means of a graphic warning symbol
  • Warnings “Not intended for children under 3 years – contains small details” or “Flammable”, etc.

If you regret your purchase.

In accordance with Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection”, the buyer has the right to exchange defective goods onto exactly same products and in the same store if, having come home, he or she discovered a defect. Within 14 days, not including the day of purchase of the product, you can also return the goods for money, or exchange it, if the purchase did not fit in size, shape, color or for other reasons. It is possible to return goods when it was not used and its look, receipt, stickers, packing, seal, label were preserved.
If a salesperson, who sold the product, refuses to exchange it, you shall write a statement of complaint to the owner of the outlet. Be sure to indicate the date of purchase of the product, its price, model, and brand and describe discovered deficiency. This document shall be completed in duplicate. One you should keep for yourself, with the indicated name, signature and position of the person who accepted the document, the other – give to the director of the store. The manager shall respond to the application within three days. So, be careful when choosing one or another product.

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