In this article we will describe the biggest Christmas trees in the world, where they are located, their sizes and much more about high Christmas trees. High trees attract attention of media and therefore they become known in different countries.

The highest Christmas tree in Europe of “Yalynka” TM.


In Kyiv, on the Independence Square on December 19, the fire was lit up the highest Christmas tree in Europe.

The beauty was made and assembled by masters of Ternopil PE “Yalynka Ukraine”.

Parameters of the tree:

  • height – 42 m;
  • weight – 44 tones;
  • needle-branches – 11 000 pcs;
  • length of twinkle lights – 17 km.


Big Lego Christmas tree.


It took two months to create this artificial Christmas tree of Lego. It was 12.2 meters height, and was installed in the main hall of the London St Pancras railway station. It was made of 600 thousand bricks and on 172 branches hang almost thousand toys.

This is the tallest tree ever assembled from the Lego bricks.

I think it will be interesting for you to know that the average cost of 1 piece of the Lego bricks is $1. That is, the Christmas tree costs $600 000.

The biggest floating Christmas tree.


The largest floating Christmas tree in the world has been set for over 15 years and is recorded in the Guinness Book. This tree is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Located on a platform on Rodrigo de Freitas Lake.

Each year the height of tree is increased. Now the Christmas tree already reaches 85 m. There are more than 3.3 million twinkle lights.

Light effects are controlled by a special computer, and electric power is generated by powerful diesel generators. The weight of the whole construction is 542 tons.

When on this artificial outdoor Christmas tree lights are lit, and then in Brazil start official preparations for Christmas and New Year.

Big Christmas tree installation.


In the Italian commune of Gubbio was lit up the largest Christmas tree, or rather a gigantic tree-shaped installation on the slopes of Mount Ingzhino.

The big Christmas tree was lit up 30 times already. Its height is more than 650 m. It consists of 250 light fragments, at the top is placed a star of 200 bulbs. It occupies an area of 1000 sq. m.

In 1991, this high Christmas tree was registered in the Guinness World Records Book as the largest in the world.

High Christmas tree of plastic bottles.


Such an artificial outdoor Christmas tree decorates one of the Lithuanian cities – Kaunas. Green beauty consists of 40 thousand plastic bottles. This Christmas tree has won a world record among the fur trees in this category.

The previous record was registered in Israel, where the Christmas tree was made of 5 thousand plastic bottles.

The author, Iolanta Smidtiene, wanted to demonstrate that one can do something beautiful, like large Christmas trees, of unnecessary stuff.

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