The highest Christmas tree in Europe was made in Ternopil for 2011. The main Christmas tree of the country was lit up on December 19 on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

The beauty was made and installed by experts of Ternopil Private Enterprise “Yalynka Ukraine”.

Parameters of the tree are fascinating:

  • The height is almost 42 meters (European record);
  • Weight – 44 tones;
  • Length of twinkle lights – 17 km;
  • Number of needle branches on a frame – more than 11 thousand;

PE “Yalynka Ukraine” is the only domestic manufacturer that produces high outdoor and interior Christmas trees using modern world technologies.

Here are also produced decorations for Christmas trees and anti-vandal fences. In Nove selo village of Pidvolochysk District, where the production is located, have been designed and assembled for more than 520 Christmas trees for Ukrainian cities and foreign settlements, which, according to estimates, saved 600 hectares of forest plantations.

Artificial Christmas trees “live” up to 10 years, if stored in a dry and well-ventilated room. Christmas trees from Nove selo decorate squares of Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kirovograd, Kremenchuk, Dnipropetrovsk, Pervomaysk, Lysychansk, Simferopol, Donetsk, and Ternopil. Our beauties stand in Belarusian Brest and Azerbaijani Baku. In products made in Ternopil are interested Germans and Americans.

– The order for a Christmas tree for the central square of Kyiv we received after winning the bid, – said the general director of TM “Yalynka”. – The Christmas tree was made due to the European classics – simple, but tasteful. There are no traditional fake packages which don’t let to see the tree itself. There are exquisite plastic and leather toys and technical innovations – multimedia LED screens, on which one can see the story about history of Ukraine, its present and future. Twinkle lights are made in six main colors of the rainbow with 12 programs that rhythmically change the patterns. The topper is a light-dynamic crystal which smoothly changes the color. By the way, for our Christmas trees we order safe 24 volt illumination.


Residents of Ternopil were scrupulous about issue of safety of their creation. In the project are taken into account possible snow and wind loads. The giant and its loading constructions are firmly supported at the bottom. Their weight is about 30 tones.

The main beauty of the country is frost and fire resistant. Fired “needles” do not catch on fire, but only melts, because it is made of polyvinyl chloride – synthetic thermoplastic material made in Italy. From the vandals the Christmas tree is protected by a special fence. It consists of 57 shields, decorated with bright festive pictures.

Right before assembling of a reliable and unique “Ternopil” Christmas tree, some people managed to get on our nerves – critics did not like its cone-shaped form. Someone Kyiv resident, just for kicks, even opened a microblog on the Internet, inventing insulting names for the beauty.


– “It’s a pity that our brother-Ukrainian tried to ruin it,” says Director General. – We have assembled many Christmas trees, and everywhere they cause only admiration.

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