If you have made a choice in favor of an artificial Christmas tree – this is already a very good choice. And it’s not even so important what the reason for such decision was: usability or humanity. You will not lose anything by choosing an artificial Christmas tree, because the latest developments of such needles make them look really much like those of real trees.

Christmas tree of artificial needles in your home is a significant contribution to the protection of nature and forests. This purchase will save you from unnecessary expenses and additional annual troubles for at least 7 years. And the most important thing should be the right choice of a Christmas tree. It shall be considerate and not spontaneous.

When choosing the main tree of your home, you need to think thoroughly, taking into account the fact, that this is a purchase for many years. If you think, there are no so many criteria for choosing an artificial Christmas tree. There are only three rules of choosing a Christmas tree, following them you will get not only a Christmas tree of high quality, but also a lovely and perfect beauty for your home.

  1. The first rule is size and space:
    • When choosing a Christmas tree, do not pay attention to the highest and widest options. The tree, which does not seem very high or wide in the mall, can occupy half of the room in your house. Therefore, it is better to think in advance where and how you will install a Christmas tree.
    • If you have a flat with standard parameters, we recommend a Christmas tree of 1.5-2 m height. If the ceiling of your room is higher, then of course, you can buy a higher Christmas tree. And be sure to measure the area of the place where the tree will be located so that it does not take up too much space.
    • The point is that there are different types of Christmas trees: some artificial Christmas trees have standard sizes, others – very vast or even narrower ones. Therefore, to make the look of artificial Christmas tree in the room balanced, it’s better to think in advance.
  2. The second rule is quality of design and needles:
    • High quality artificial fir-trees shall have a certificate of conformity. Information on the presence or absence of harmful impurities must be indicated on the package. But even if all the required quality signs are available, it’s important to check the tree carefully.
    • If the Christmas tree has harsh needles, they should not shatter, and if they are soft – they should straighten easily and not crack. Another very important factor is fire safety. If the Christmas tree is made of expensive material of high quality, it will not burn, but simply melt. It will non cause a fire in any case and this should be indicated on the package. Christmas trees may be made from the old paper. Such trees look like real but are not durable.
    • The best option is PVC fir and pine tree. These trees look like real and are fire-resistant. They are often foldable like umbrellas or dismountable, which are fixed by means of hinges or hooks. Therefore, when choosing a Christmas tree, take into account its design depending on the storage location. To make a Christmas tree to serve long, it’s best to store it in a special bag or cardboard box in which it was purchased.
  3. The third rule is a visual and aesthetic look
    • Your personal preference in this rule is in the first place. The most important thing is to choose is a Christmas tree that you like. White, golden, and red are the colors of artificial Christmas trees you may choose from. If you do not like standard Christmas celebration, then go and fill free to choose. But if you enjoy traditional green trees, then the choice may be a little more complicated.
    • If a Christmas tree is artificial, it does not mean that it has to look like artificial. They look almost like real and their colors vary accordingly, from dark green to light green. Such Christmas trees are various in shapes of branches and needles.

So, let’s sum up: to buy an artificial Christmas tree you do not have to make a lot of effort, but to choose … Considering all the rules for choosing a Christmas tree, hurry up and buy your festive beauty. And you have nothing else to do – the New Year is coming!

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