Don’t cut the tree!

New Year is coming, and this is a holiday both adults and children are looking for. So far the main attribute of such holiday is a Christmas tree. And it is the time when poachers or those who want to earn good money, start their activity. As all families traditionally […]

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A Christmas tree, which can grow in one day

In 2011 gained its popularity a village Nove selo in Ternopil Region, which is located 50 kilometers from the centre of the Region. It was because of its production of artificial outdoor Christmas trees. Private Enterprise “Yalynka Ukraine” has assembled the main tree of the country in the capital – […]

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Such different Christmas trees

So, let’s start from disadvantages: The main disadvantage of an artificial Christmas tree is that it does not smell! And this is what stops many. But this disadvantage can be absolutely fixed. Firstly, you can buy several real fur tree branches (preferably pine) and create a unique composition with candles […]

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