Frame outdoor Christmas tree is a metal construction in the shape of a cone. It proved itself as the most stable and reliable version of artificial outdoor Christmas trees.

The structure of this type differs from the stem by the fact that instead of a pipe is used a metal frame in which are inserted branches of equal length. In the upper part of construction is fixed a pipe for needle or LED topers. The height of such trees reaches from 6 to 120 m. The calculations were carried out by the best architects, so our Christmas trees can be installed even in 4-5 wind zones.

And the greatest advantage of Christmas trees is that every year it is possible to make it all higher and higher. Such construction allows you to increase the height of a Christmas tree (for example, this year you bought a Christmas tree in 14m height and the next year you added another 4m, and as a result, an outdoor beauty in 18m high), without unnecessary expenses.

Choose artificial Christmas trees – they will help you save time and money of your company.