With the approaching Christmas holidays arises a question: with what and how to decorate a Christmas tree?

Christmas LED twinkle lights is an affordable, safe and effective solution for your Christmas tree. Today is hard to imagine an outdoor Christmas tree without twinkles of bright LED lights, which shall be such an important symbol of New Year than a Christmas tree itself. With the development of the latest technologies, production of LED twinkle lights has improved as well. These are not the bulbs that decorated Christmas tree in your childhood. Now there is an extremely wide range of twinkle lights to suit any taste. High quality and technical specifications of modern LED twinkle lights are much better than those of twinkle lights of the last century. The most important difference is that modern twinkle lights no longer use ordinary bulbs and thanks to bright light emitting diodes, colors of the twinkle lights shine much brighter and more beautiful.

Apart from decorative functions, let’s consider also other advantages of LED twinkle lights for a Christmas tree:

  • Low power consumption – that is 10 times more economical than that of twinkle lights with traditional light bulbs.
  • Safe, 24V power supply that guarantees fire protection.
  • Long work resource that equals to 100,000 hours, and this is more than 10 years.
  • LEDs do not heat up, so they do not harm the tree.
  • LEDs have more vibrant and deep radiation colors.
  • They may be used both outside and inside the building (waterproof, operating temperature ranges from -45 ° С to + 45 ° С).


If you like to make your building stand out among thousands of others, adorn it with the LED icicle. Fluttering, floodlighting, and a non-standard shape will ensure attraction of any of the passersby.
The size of the 3.0m * 0.5m (with the possibility of connection), the total amount of Flash diodes – 114pcs, where each 5 diode blinks and colors to choose from (cold white, warm white, blue, red). It is also possible to select the color of the cable: black, white or green.

RGB ball is a Christmas decoration made of white polymethyl methacrylate, which “shimmers” in more than 2,000 colors, depending on the program, and it is clearly visible both at night and daytime. The RGB ball got its name due to the fact that in the ball itself is inserted a diode that changes colors. Such toy is perfect for decoration of Christmas trees, so even without other decorations and toys your Christmas tree will glow incredibly bright. We offer you to buy RGB balls at affordable prices.

Belt Light
When the lightning bell lights up, you seem to be under the rays of stars, as if only for you a strange light shines, awakens new feelings and emotions.
This garland is intended for street use and is made of flat cable, where there are 4 ammunition with LED light bulbs in one meter.

Star shower, which creates the effect of a falling meteorite, consists of a plastic tube (shaped like an icicle) and double-sided LEDs that turn on one at a time. This type of LED twinkle lights is very popular and is used for festive New Year decorations of outdoor Christmas trees, restaurants, cafes, bars, and homes. And if you hang a few of such icicles on a tree, the effect will be unique, it looks very beautiful. Dear customers, Yalynka Ukraine has been on the market for more than 8 years, so you can be sure of the quality and reliability of our products. We brought to live a large number of successful projects. We offer you excellent quality and good price for all products. You can find similar cheaper twinkle lights, but before you buy such LED products, think. After saving now you may lose later, when you have to change LED twinkle lights or if they will not blink when you turn them on at the most crucial moment.

LED ball is created on the basis of a metal frame covered with LED lights. And since we often look forward to the New Year holidays, the best decorations of streets, houses, fir-trees, cafes, restaurants will be LED twinkle lights. These toys create atmosphere of miracles and a sense of Christmas fairy tale, known to us since childhood. For Christmas holidays to bring us a lot of unforgettable and pleasant moments, we advise you to start preparations and buy LED balls at a reasonable price at “Yalynka Ukraine”.