• You are not satisfied with high prices of other sellers of Christmas trees?
  • Can not buy an artificial street of high quality or interior Christmas tree?

In this case, choose Christmas trees of PE “Yalynka Ukraine”.

We offer Christmas trees of any height and also may arrange delivery.

Need to assemble a Christmas tree? Our specialists will help you in this matter or advise you so that you can do it yourself.

By choosing an artificial outdoor Christmas tree in Ukraine, you will get a lot of advantages:

  • Guaranteed seasonal discounts.
  • Saving money. By purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, you save your money, as you won’t have to purchase it each year. Also, there may be a discount when buying toys.
  • You do not need to throw a Christmas tree out, as it is stored for many years.
  • No need to clean the room from the needles from branches.
  • Safety of Christmas holidays. The Christmas tree does not burn, even in the event of caching on fire, it will only smolder.
  • The branches of artificial Christmas trees are spread evenly and denser than those of real Christmas trees, which will make it possible to decorate the Christmas tree perfectly.
  • From the range of Christmas trees by “Yalynka” Ukraine Company, you will be able to choose the best tree that is most suitable for you, taking into account color of the needles or height of the tree, ranging from 4 to 120 m.
  • If there are animals in your house, we recommend you artificial trees. They are stable and durable.

We offer not only Christmas trees, but also lighting, LED figures, motifs, toys, fences, toppers. Equip your Christmas tree fully without leaving the workplace or home.

Why is it better to order artificial fur trees or pines?

Artificial Christmas trees become popular before New Year holidays. Today most people prefer artificial Christmas trees, because it’s very favorable. By purchasing a Christmas tree this year, you will not have to spend time and money the next year.

There are many different websites with a wide range of pine and fur trees, toppers and other accessories. At first look, they are all the same, but if you ignore their characteristics, then you will remain dissatisfied. Therefore, go to the website yalunka.com of PE “Yalynka Ukraine”, where you will find wide range of products, the best quality and guaranteed beauty of the purchased products.

How to order an artificial Christmas tree?

On our website in the section “Goods” you will be able to view and select the desired product. Also, make an order, order delivery, arrange for payment, etc. If you have any questions about products – call or write, we will be glad to answer all your questions, all contact details are listed in the section “Contacts”.