We offer interior Christmas trees, a variety of artificial Christmas trees, the height of which may be from 3 to 10 m. The peculiarity of the fir trees is their lightweight and improved frame. It allows you to use the Christmas trees in indoor area (entertainment centers, schools, supermarkets, administrative buildings and other crowded places) safely.

It’s more efficient to install an artificial Christmas tree than a real one. Our interior Christmas trees are durable and of high quality. You buy such tree once and for many years, that is very convenient and efficient (it will fully pay for itself). They look better than real ones, they are luscious, neat, and what is the most important – their needles do not shatter, which makes it possible to save time and avoid cleaning the room.

Advantages of our artificial Christmas trees:

The improved frame is a solid foundation and a technically thought-out construction, making Christmas trees very stable. Hence – absence of wind and snow loads pressure.

Christmas trees are made of high-quality PVC materials (film, vein) that do not burn, are frost-resistant, do not change their color if standing outside under direct sunlight. To decorate an artificial tree is very convenient, because its needles are soft, not stubbly, and its branches are evenly spaced along the entire length.

Delivery of goods to the warehouse of the transport company in Ternopil is included in the price.

Installation and disassembling works are not included in the price.