LED figures are made of a metallic frame covered with a brown PVC film and LED lights. Thanks to the film, the figures look beautiful and unique not only at night when they are shining, but also at a day time. This is something new in the world of LED figures. They are used and installed on the streets, near Christmas trees, cafes, restaurants, private houses, etc.

Materials of which the figures are made are high moisture resistant, and this is a must for street decorations. Due to their quality, they are gaining popularity every day. So more and more often you can see LED figures as ornaments of landscape design, which simply can not but please the eyes of passers-by, who will definitely stop to observe the fairy-tale beauty.

Easter Egg. Everyone wants to see their city unique. It takes a long time to brainstorm, use force and spare time. We suggest ease the choice and stay on the LED figure “Easter Egg”, which also make brighter the view of the town. Exceptional design, prefabricated design 5 m high and 3.2 m wide, high quality Flash garlands and aluminum, additionally in the middle of the figure is a wooden table with benches. We hope that this creature will reflect the effect you have achieved.

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    Easter egg

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    Easter egg with rabbit

The LED figures of our production come alive. From now you can buy a novelty on the Ukrainian market,
dynamic figures. Which means that the figures can move around resembling live animals, and attract even more exciting looks.