New Year’s and Christmas holidays in a big city, town or village, first of all, are characterized and combined with artificial pine needles. It will definitely create a unique holiday for unindifferent by-passers and will gather around many happy families who will admire its beauty. But when the night comes, when the shape of Christmas tree or its ornaments is not visible, remains only big dark construction – all this can be changed by means of twinkle lights, motifs, RGB balls, “Star showers” and light toys – it is something new in modern world of decor for outdoor Christmas trees. With a fade of the day and turning on of the lights of a Christmas tree comes a unique feeling of a fairy tale and holiday. All LED decorations combines perfectly with one another and illuminate the bright light all around, creating harmony and atmosphere of holidays. By choosing LED toys, you can be sure that the Christmas tree in your city will have a unique and perfect look and will be remembered by everyone for a long time.

RGB ball is a Christmas decoration made of white polymethyl methacrylate, which “shimmers” in more than 2,000 colors, depending on the program, and it is clearly visible both at night and daytime. The RGB ball got its name due to the fact that in the ball itself is inserted a diode that changes colors. Such toy is perfect for decoration of Christmas trees, so even without other decorations and toys your Christmas tree will glow incredibly bright. We offer you to buy RGB balls at affordable prices.

Meteor shower, which creates the effect of a falling meteorite, consists of a plastic tube (shaped like an icicle) and double-sided LEDs that turn on one at a time. This type of LED twinkle lights is very popular and is used for festive New Year decorations of outdoor Christmas trees, restaurants, cafes, bars, and homes. And if you hang a few of such icicles on a tree, the effect will be unique, it looks very beautiful. Dear customers, Yalynka Ukraine has been on the market for more than 8 years, so you can be sure of the quality and reliability of our products. We brought to live a large number of successful projects. We offer you excellent quality and good price for all products. You can find similar cheaper twinkle lights, but before you buy such LED products, think. After saving now you may lose later, when you have to change LED twinkle lights or if they will not blink when you turn them on at the most crucial moment.

LED ball is created on the basis of a metal frame covered with LED lights. And since we often look forward to the New Year holidays, the best decorations of streets, houses, fir-trees, cafes, restaurants will be LED twinkle lights. These toys create atmosphere of miracles and a sense of Christmas fairy tale, known to us since childhood. For Christmas holidays to bring us a lot of unforgettable and pleasant moments, we advise you to start preparations and buy LED balls at a reasonable price at “Yalynka Ukraine”.

LED toys of our production are made of a plastic frame in the form of a star with built-in LEDs, 24 V power. Safe in use, moist and frost-resistant, not heated, bright and visible from afar, will decorate the Christmas tree of your city for many years to come. You can adjust twinkle frequency using a special controller to which LED toys are connected (as well as choose the type of lighting).

We offer a wide range of LED toys of various colors and shapes, to suit every taste. Do not miss the opportunity to buy such a novelty that has already captured the markets of Europe and the world. By choosing LED toys you will surprise yourself and please thousands of people. LED toys will decorate the Christmas tree both during the day and at night time, which is very beneficial and impressive.