New Year illumination is an integral part of Christmas holidays design. It has become a tradition to decorate buildings, parks, schools and many other for Christmas. The rapid progress of scientific and technological development makes people’s lives more comfortable and beautiful. LED night illumination is an art that makes appearance of any object at night unique and lures to the celebration of the Christmas holidays all indifferent people.

Twinkle lights. First of all, in order to make a Christmas tree look perfect, we try to decorate it with the best twinkle lights. It may be professional electric outdoor twinkle lights of different lengths, colors and types.

Toppers. New Year is hard to imagine without a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree, in turn, is difficult to imagine without holiday decorations, as well as without a topper, which crowns the peak of a Christmas tree. Today they are represented by such a rich range that everyone can find decorations for a Christmas tree to their liking.

LED motifs are bright lightings on a metal frame basis that are suitable for decoration of Christmas trees, houses and adjoining areas. The frame of such products is made of painted metal, to which LED light bulbs are attached.

LED toys favorably distinguish themselves from ordinary Christmas decorations that simultaneously serve as a Christmas tree toys and decorative lighting of a Christmas tree. They can be of different colors and the best choice for your Christmas tree.

LED figures.. Nothing creates such exciting sense of holiday as Christmas light figures shining in the dark. Made on the basis of a metal frame, covered with PVC film (brown) and LED twinkle lights. LED figures of “Yalunka Ukrainu” company will complement the outdoor Christmas tree and turn the period of Christmas holidays into a real unforgettable fairy tale.