Flash lights is the next generation of LED twinkle lights. Their length may be 10m, 20m with the possibility of connection. Line string with built-in LEDs placed every 10cm, of which every 5 bulbs blink when other just shine. This creates an unforgettable effect of the starry sky. Available in a variety of colors: warm white, cold white, blue, red, green, multi colors. Operating voltage is 220V, protection – IP65, power – 18W. All outdoor twinkle lights of PE “Yalynka Ukraine” are made of high quality and durable material – caoutchouc. Make a choice in favor of the Flash twinkle lights and you will not regret it.

Twinkle lights String Light of Flash “Standrt” and Flash “Lux” class for exterior decoration are absolutely identical in their characteristics (moisture resistant and durable) and differ only in number of twinkle lights. It means that Flash “Lux” class has twice as many twinkle lights than Flash “Standart” class.

String Light are electric garlands with 24 W power, designed for street decor. Thanks to its strong structure, even strong wind will not break the cable or damage it in some other way. Each LED is protected with a plastic tube, which tightens the contacts and protects it against the impacts of the environment. LED lamps are mounted into the twinkle light in such a way that even when one or more diodes fail, the twinkle lights will still work in normal mode.

Full Flash. Another novelty this year from “Yalinka Ukraine” company is the LED garland “Full Flash”.
Garland is completely developed by our company and is made in Ukraine from high-quality materials.
Unlike the standard flush, each light diode blows in this garland,
what achieves an unforgettable effect of the transfusion of hundreds of lights, which can not but fascinate.
The “Full Flash” is manufactured in two versions: with 230 V and 24 volt supply voltages.
The latter is used in places of possible contact with people, to avoid danger
electric shock in the event of damage to the garland.
The color of the glow is warm white, or cold white.
The cable may be white, black and green, resistant to UV light,
temperature fluctuations and is not flammable. Garland has a degree of protection of the IP-67.

Novelty from the company “Yalunka Ukrainu” multicolored garland “Rainbow”.
Like all products of our company, the garland is manufactured in Ukraine at our own production facilities.
The “Rainbow” has an IP-67 protection and is UV resistant, which allows it to be used in all weather conditions and at any time of the year.
Each LED is flooded with all the colors of the rainbow independently of each other.
The garland is powered by 220 volts and does not require additional controllers.
The length is 10 meters, with the possibility of connecting several with the help of sealed connectors at both ends.
The garland can be different color of cable: white, black or green.