Last year PE “Yalynka Ukraine” launched a unique and the only, not only in Ukraine, but also throughout Europe, production of 3D illumination.

3D illumination of the Ukrainian PE “Yalynka Ukraine” provides aesthetic design of trees and buildings. This is something new in the world of Christmas decoration. Protection level – IP67, color of cable at choose: black, white or green. Also, the length of the twinkle light may be any – up to 1000 pixels, which are located at a distance from 12 to 20 cm (depending on the height of the Christmas tree). In the future, Christmas decoration can be used as a screen, which displays ads, images, etc.

3D lighting with IP65 protection level is the latest technology of street, Christmas tree and facade decoration. This is a modern type of street lighting that allows you to control the color of each light element (pixel) by means of a program. This technology allows to create static and dynamic scenes on the whole basis of the Christmas tree or facade of the building in general. Any animation of the twinkle light is programmed and transferred to the controller, which then independently manages the change of colors. Controlling technology of our twinkle light, in contrast to analogues of other manufacturers, can have any necessary length and is not limited to only 10 meters. This allows to use in for the decoration of Christmas trees of different sizes, or various types of facades.


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