Every year we face the challenge of choosing and buying a Christmas tree, which is the main attribute of Christmas and New Year. We would like to offer you artificial Christmas trees, which look more beautiful than real trees – their needles are of the same size, they are more lush, tidy and do not shatter. By choosing artificial Christmas trees, we assure you that this purchase will save your time and money not for one year, but for at least 5 years.

  • “Yalynka Ukraine” company has been on the market for 8 years now, so we have gained a good reputation among consumers due to reliability and high quality of goods, as well as their durability.
  • For the manufacture of Christmas trees and pines high-quality raw materials are purchased from European suppliers and are used the most up-to-date production technologies.
  • Each item is tested at all stages of manufacture and has European standard quality certificates.
  • Moreover, our product is rated for maximum snow and wind loads usage and meets all requirements of fire safety.

StemChristmas tree it’s a metallic trunk made of pipes of different diameters and lengths. Different diameters of pipes allow them to be inserted in turns one by one and fixed with the corkscrews, which, in turn, strengthens the frame of the Christmas tree. On the corresponding levels of the trunk are placed some devices in the form of 10 mm steel pipes and are welded by electric welder.

елка ствольная
Вынниця ТЦ мегамол 18 м, карк, плен

Frame Christmas trees. The structure of this type of Christmas trees differs from the stem type by the fact that instead of the pipe is used metal frame in the form of a cone, in which are inserted branches of needles of equal length. Artificial Christmas trees are made according to the working draft of the RP №675:2010 so they shall not be influenced by windflaw, frost and fire.

Interior Christmas trees with improved frame we offer for the New Year’s design of shopping centers, cultural centers, schools, universities, etc.

8м інтерєрна хвоя -плівка
маківка льодяний кристал

Christmas tree topers – 3D tree topers: “Crystal” and “Ice Crystal” (create more than 2,500 alternatives of play of colors). LED: “Snowflake” and “Wind Rose”.

Lighting for a Christmas treeLED garlands, the latest 3D lighting, RGB balls, “Meteor rain”, etc.

3d гірлянда
Сніговичок з подарунком світлодіодний

Figures: LED tree (additionally covered with PVC film), LED deer, construction “Deer and sledge”, LED bulbs.

Fence– serve as an additional decoration for a Christmas tree and a protective fence from the theft or damage to the garlands.

іграшки розміри

Toys are plastic, as well as artificial leather (own production).

Services we offer installation of Christmas trees and related products: “Key ready”, “Installation supervision” and “Disassembling”.

каркас ялинки