Our enterprise has its own production of artificial Christmas trees and illumination. We supply to the market a wide range of products:

  • Christmas trees ,
  • pine trees,
  • twinkle lights,
  • toppers,
  • leather and plastic toys.

We carry out exclusive orders for products made of artificial needles.

All products of PE “Yalynka Ukraine” correspond to the sanitary norms of Ukraine.

Christmas tree producer TM “Yalynka” provides:

  1. Flexible system of one-time and constant discounts.
  2. Full information about products (technical characteristics, assembly scheme, video materials, description).
  3. Complete set up of Christmas trees (lighting, toys, fencing).
  4. Training your staff on installation and de-installation, storage rules.
  5. Possibility to place samples of products in your showrooms, at our expense.

Trust to our company is gained due to high quality products, rich range, affordable price policy and high-quality service. All our Christmas trees are made in Ukraine, on professional equipment in accordance with all  state standards.

Production of artificial Christmas trees and sales are accompanied by the words of thanks of our customers. Many reviews you can see on our website or when you visit our plant.

We produce artificial Christmas trees of different types:

  • outdoor Christmas trees
  • interior Christmas trees
  • frame Christmas trees
  • stem Christmas trees
  • made of wire
  • made of film

Christmas trees are made on metal frame using Italian polymer materials. Raw materials are supplied by well-known companies “PLASTIKFIBRE” and “MOPS”, with which we have been cooperating for over 7 years. These polyvinyl chloride manufacturers are distinguished by the safest PVC materials for more than 25 years.