An artificial outdoor Christmas tree is a reliable and perfect decoration for Christmas holidays. Many of us have probably asked a question – what are artificial Christmas trees made of? Today, nowadays, there is a large selection of products for production and installation of outdoor Christmas trees, which differ both in price and quality. Before buying an artificial beauty, be sure to ask who is the manufacturer, because it directly influences the looks of your beauty and safety of visitors during the holiday.

If you want to buy a tree and save money, you can get a tree made of low-quality raw materials, such as polypropylene wire or film that can flash and burn in a blink of an eye like fireworks. Our Christmas trees are made of metal base and high-quality polymeric materials (PVC film or polyvinylchloride) produced by Italian company MOPS, with which we have been cooperating for more than 8 years. For more than 20 years they occupy leading positions in the production of high-quality and safe for health polyvinylchloride materials on the world market.
Therefore our Christmas trees are durable, moist and frost-resistant, do not burn, are completely fire-proof (confirmed by certificates of the sanitary-epidemiological station on the quality of products manufactured according to European standards). And also they look like real fur trees.

The PE “Yalynka Ukraine” annually improves its production of high outdoor Christmas trees. Since we are provided with high-quality materials and skilled workers, we can guarantee the latest trends in products and their highest quality. If necessary, we can provide all documents, certificates of quality regarding our goods. Our customers can see how the Christmas trees are produced and shaped with their own eyes.

By passing all the stages of needle production, we get beautiful New Year elements of artificial Christmas tree. By choosing PE “Yalynka Ukraine”, you will definitely find the Christmas tree that is most suitable for you and will decorate your city or settlement for many years.

Equipment for production of needles

An enterprise specializing in manufacture of high artificial Christmas trees is provided with high-quality European equipment, and its employees are genuine experts in their fields.

We have all necessary documents and certificates that confirm quality and reliability of our artificial Christmas trees. If customers are willing, they can visit the enterprise and see with their own eyes from what and how our Christmas trees are made.

After passing all the stages of producing needles, we get wonderful Christmas elements. A few examples are listed below.

By choosing you will definitely find a high-quality and beautiful Christmas tree, made according to all European standards, which will decorate your city for many years.