All the most unusual and beautiful Christmas trees in the world are described in this article. Many want to surprise guests and residents of their city with the incredible beauty of the main attribute of Christmas holidays – a Christmas tree. Some think of the best decoration, others decorate with bright and unique lighting, surprise with height and shape of a green tree – they do everything to make it look amazing.

Christmas beauty on water.

Floating Christmas tree – this is how a fur tree set in Rio de Janeiro is called. The height of the tree is 85 meters, the weight is 540 tons. It was installed on four large pontoons and decorated with more than 3 million LED bulbs.


Exotic Christmas tree.

One of the richest cities in the world is Abu Dhabi. One of the hotels in the city Emirates Palace Hotel has been the most expensive Christmas tree in the world with 13 meters high. Its decorations were made exclusively of gold or covered with gold and jewels. This absolutely fabulous Christmas tree was priced at 11.5 million dollars. Attracting thousands of customers, the Christmas tree must have paid off all the money very quickly.


Sweet Christmas tree
The famous Ferrero Rocher Company managed to create a unique and sophisticated Christmas tree without sparing money and sweets. Dessert lovers were simply delighted with the sight. The Christmas tree was made of huge sweets and was installed on the Orchard Road near the Angie Ann City Shopping Center in Singapore.

However, it is not recommended to taste the tree, because the base of balls is metal. Representatives said that such a tree can not be just beautiful, it has to be practical as well. If it was a real chocolate, there would be a risk of melting. At night his creative Christmas tree is definitely illuminated by thousands of LED lights and pleases the eye of all passers-by.


Jewelry Christmas tree

Japanese jewelers have created the most expensive Christmas tree of true gold. They have spent 24 kilograms of precious metal to make it. The size of the Christmas tree was not big, but this did not get in the way of the New Year’s record. Threads of the garlands were made of pearls and diamonds, and the Christmas tree was decorated with over 240 precious stones. On the golden tree was spent 150 million yen (about 1 million GBP).

The author and owner of the project was Ginza Tanaka jewelry house. It is famous for making ordinary things of gold, such as hats, swimwear, umbrellas, etc. Moreover, in small batches they even produce calendars, made of gold. The price is 250 thousand dollars and it weighs 6 kg.


Neon Christmas trees.

Nowadays people create the most creative and interesting things. So in Tokyo on the wall of the “Grand Hotel Prince Hotel Akasaka” was made a Christmas tree of neon lights. This incredible beauty can be seen by many people, even without being near the house. It’s other way round – the farther you are from the Christmas tree – the better its image is. This idea has taken by lots of residents of the city and they help the authors to spread information about such a Christmas miracle.


Swarovski Christmas tree.

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and watches. Recently another point was added to this list. It’s a Christmas tree made of Swarovski stones. It is located in the city of Zurich, on the largest European Christmas market. This incredible beauty is set every year since 1998 and is decorated with 7 thousand edged crystals. This incredible Christmas tree you can see by visiting the ancient city in person.


Christmas tree made of LED balls.

In the city of Dublin, Italy, was set an unusual Christmas tree of LED balls shining brightly with thousands of bulbs. These balls are attached to a conical metal frame and create unforgettable and unique effect. The lights of the Christmas tree were switched on at a solemn opening under the direction of the mayor of the city.