LED topper is the main addition to the artificial Christmas tree. PE “Yalynka Ukraine” Company offers bright and enchanting LED toppers for a large artificial Christmas tree, made of LEDs and resistant transparent plexiglas. Topper is the final and main stage in decorating an outdoor Christmas tree. They come in different types and sizes: “Wind Rose”, “Snowflake” and newly-designed 3D “Crystal” and 3D “Ice Crystal”. Toppers are incredibly beautiful both in day time and at night, creating unforgettable holiday for your guests and residents of the city.

“Wind rose” is a LED topper in the shape of an octagonal star, decorated in gold and silver. We offer several different sizes for the perfect look on the Christmas tree.

“Snowflake” is a LED topper, made in the shape of a hexagonal snowflake. They are distinguished by their originality, as they are nothing like usual Christmas snowflakes.

“Crystal” and “Ice Crystal” are 3D toppers, made of transparent plexiglas. Overnight it radiates with more than 2500 thousand colors thanks to its own controller and due to this 3D effect is created. This class of toppers has a solid frame that can be used outdoor and it’s with its degree of protection IP54.