Price reduced to 20% for all cast Christmas trees

Cast needles are the most expensive and at the same time the most realistic and beautiful way of making artificial branches. They are almost indistinguishable from natural. Cast needles have this name because of the method of production, each branch is cast from dense rubber in individual forms, it allows to achieve an exact copy of a real spruce branch. The needles are three-dimensional, thicker at the beginning and pointed to the tips (but, unlike the real ones, they do not sting and it is impossible to scratch them). To the touch, this material resembles elastic rubber, it immediately regains shape after crumpling. Since the shapes for casting these branches are very different, then there are many options for pine needles, the finished tree can resemble a fluffy ornamental tree or vice versa – wild forest with thin branches, and the needles themselves can be straight, curved or located at any angle to the basis of the branch. The bases of the branches are painted brown for complete naturalness.

There are several types of cast Christmas trees:

100% cast. Incredibly realistic Christmas trees, each branch of which is cast in molds.

Cast + vein or film. The most common type of cast Christmas trees. In this case, the rubber branches are always closer to the edges of the crown, and the inner trunk space of the tree is filled with fluffy PVC branches – this reduces the cost of the tree, and its appearance remains excellent. Depending on the specific model, the percentage of casting and PVC may differ. Any Christmas tree is usually decorated with toys – a large number of decorations almost hides the PVC branches, leaving the cast twigs sticking out at the edges, so the decorated spruce looks like a fully cast.

The colors of the needles

Any of the types of needles can be made in different colors or shades. The most commonly used classic green color, and Christmas trees can be both dark and light, saturated or less bright. Those who are tired of ordinary green trees are sure to like the noble blue needles, this color looks restrained and elegant.

The length of the needles

An important factor influencing the appearance of the tree as a whole. Christmas trees with longer needles resemble decorative “purebred”. They are specially made with a wide crown and a lush silhouette. At the same time, Christmas trees with short needles are more often with a more “torn” silhouette at the edges and with a very large number of branches – thus the imitation of a wild forest tree is achieved.