So, let’s start from disadvantages:

  1. The main disadvantage of an artificial Christmas tree is that it does not smell! And this is what stops many. But this disadvantage can be absolutely fixed. Firstly, you can buy several real fur tree branches (preferably pine) and create a unique composition with candles or make a wreath on the door. Secondly, it is possible to use aroma oils (the oils are natural and give necessary aroma, but it is possible to replace them with aroma candles) with fur-needles layers.
  2. They are more expensive than real ones, but they may be used and stored for many years.
  3. When you buy an artificial Christmas tree, you may lack diversity. In the sense that each New Year for several years you will have the same Christmas tree of the same shape, same color, same size. But in order not to be repeated, use your imagination and decorate it differently each year.
  4. Yes, it’s not real. It does not have an odor of snow and wood. It has never seen Santa Claus. But believe me, in the twilight of New Year’s Eve, in the shade of candles on the table and twinkle lights you will not notice any differencе.

Artificial Christmas trees have a lot of advantages:

  1. You can use such Christmas tree many times and many years in a row.
  2. You don’t have to bother before the New Year’s Eve – you have a Christmas tree and you do not need to spend extra time.
  3. It is easy to handle an artificial Christmas tree – it takes minutes to be installed. It is easy to store, it is nice to decorate and undress, it does not prick and does not shatter.
  4. An artificial Christmas tree may stand for even six months. It does not turn yellow, shatter in a week, and does not leave dirt on the expensive carpet.
  5. When you buy an artificial Christmas tree, you show your care for nature.
  6. It is suitable for allergic people who suffer from pine odor and pollen.
  7. All artificial Christmas trees are beautiful. And by choosing them you will not need to think about curve stems, uneven branches or bizarre shapes.
  8. Nowadays, the variety of artificial Christmas trees is very large. You can choose any from 30 cm up to 45 meters. With cones or without. Green or blue. With frosting or covered with snow cap, as if it’s just out of the wood. Ordinarily or made of fluttering fiber. So, it may help to turn into reality the most daring dream.

Conclusion: if you are a passionate defender of wildlife, or if you are a child of progress and love everything up-to-date, if the trips to Christmas market only cause despair, and if from a single thought of needles you start to tremble – buy an artificial Christmas tree.

And finally another option – exotic.


Some people keep in barrel at home a regular cypress like a home plant. It is about a meter in high, neat and pretty. And on Christmas holidays it perfectly replaces Christmas tree. They are decorated with toys, twinkle lights, tinsel – everything as it should be. And it turns out to be just great.

By the way, in such a barrel you can grow not only cypress but also a Christmas tree. And in the office you can decorate a usual ficus. It will be exotic and unusual. All neighbors will come to see your tree.

The obvious disadvantage of such a Christmas tree is only one – in a year you will get used to your plant. In the form of a Christmas tree it will add to your mood and change the atmosphere in the house, but not like a real Christmas tree, real or artificial.

And advantages are the following:

  • The Christmas tree is alive, but at the same time it is cut down. It will not die, but only grow even bigger until the next New Year.
  • It does not get dry or shatter, keeping a decent look just as long as you need.
  • It is not necessary to buy a Christmas tree annually, to install it, to pick up a place for it.
  • Besides the New Year’s days such a Christmas tree is a decoration of the house.

Conclusion: if you like exotic things, your house looks like a garden, you like wildlife and everything natural, and you neglect everything synthetic and artificial – this option is for you. Buy a small Christmas tree in a pot today – until the next New Year you will have a decent tree.

Anyway, no matter what Christmas tree you will choose, the main thing is that it makes you happy. And to make your Christmas holiday fun, and the New Year – happy, lucky and productive.

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